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Explore the unseen side of Nairobi through Kibera, Africa's largest slum and home to over 1 million Kenyans. Recently visited by President Obama, PM Gordon Brown, and UN Sect General Ban Ki Moon, Kibera is the subject of countless UN programs targeting poverty, health, infrastructure, and education. During the 2008 post-election violence, the community became an epicenter of activism, exacerbating political and tribal rifts in an otherwise peaceful area. The novel and 2005 film, The Constant Gardener, also popularized Kibera’s health and political issues.

Despite its problems, Kibera has a unique charm among the 40+ tribes and various religions that peacefully co-exist in the 2.5 sq. km. area. “How are you?” go the endless greetings you’ll hear from children eager to meet outsiders. Kibera is a fascinating place with raw eye-opening, yet encouraging experiences. Explore Kibera by touring with our local guides to understand the work within the community.

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