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About us

Operating since 2009 and providing Nairobi area tours, Explore Kibera Tours began as a social tourism operator specializing in the Kibera slums and was designed to promote volunteerism and raise awareness. We offer safe walking tours for open-minded travelers and aim to benefit Kibera by hiring local knowledgable staff, supporting local development projects, and bringing a stream of demand to local artisans.

We have worked with notable hotels, travel agencies, film production crews, media, and university researchers to provide best in class tourism experiences.

Learn about our staff

Alistair - Tour Manager & Co-Founder
Alistair oversees daily operations and is instrumental in EKT's community projects. As a local, Alistair has volunteered with the Kibera Community Youth Programme for the past four years on projects in nutrition, HIV, and solar energy. Alistair has a B.S. in Forestry and a Masters degree in Tropical Ecology from University of Eldoret. He is passionate about education, sustainable development, food security, sustainable Agriculture and good governance. He likes football, rugby, traveling and socializing. During the 2008 post-election violence, Alistair worked with Youth Building Bridges of Peace in Kibera on peace projects through debate forums, drama performances, and football tournaments. Alistair grew up in Kasavai village in western Kenya.

Moses - Tour Guide
Moses was born and raised in Kibera`s Makina village. He was schooled in Kibera and studied for a Diploma in Development Studies, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Management at city college. Moses founded KIJIWENI WELFARE SELF HELP GROUP, which advocates and champion for the rights of a girl child, a cohesive community, peace building initiatives, environmental management and recycling of waste products like plastic bottles etc. Moses has been working with EXPLORE KIBERA since 2010 as a local tour guide. Beside touring, Moses loves to spend his free time volunteering at DONNA`S PLACE FOR CHILDREN, working with THE POWER WOMEN GROUP in Olympic, doing sensitization and awareness activities on HIV/AIDS management. Moses also uses his skills in building bridges of peace in village levels, through debate forums, drama, public speaking, exchange programs with other like minded groups in Kibera like CAROLINE FOR KIBERA, DAMIETTA PEACE INITIATIVE GROUP, and others. Moses loves his community and is always willing and ready to impact the lives of others,to his level best of his knowledge and ability.

Abzeid - Tour Guide
Abzeid Osman was born in Kibera in the cosmopolitan Kichinjio village, which in its classical Athenian means Abbatoir. He attended Joseph Kangethe for his primary education and Summerfield and Dataland academy for his secondary education. He has worked with various community based organisations,faith based organisations, and self help groups. He also works with theater for development in various villages of Kibera. Abzeid likes socialising, theatrical perfomances, and travelling. He believes a small group of thoughtful, commited, citizens can change the world.
  Albert - Co-Founder, Marketing Manager
Albert focuses on EKT's partnerships and marketing efforts in travel media. Albert is particularly interested in emerging markets having spent time in the Nairobi and New York financial services. Albert comes from southern California and has lived in New York, Paris, and Nairobi. He enjoys traveling, local food, culture, computers, and design. His favorite restaurants in Nairobi are Cafe Eraeva, Kosewe, and Tamia Plate.


Jennifer L. - Designer, USA
Serah M. - Volunteer program coordinator, Kenya
Emma P. - UNDP donor, Finland
Sophie R. - Volunteer programs coordinator, Germany

Bennett E. - Journalist, USA

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