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Explore Kibera Tours offers walking tours that cover major points of interests: the main commercial artery, open-air markets, the Kenya-Uganda Railway, a home visit, “the cow-bone jewelers,” local beadmakers, the Kigulu orphanage, the UN upgrading projects, schools and places of worship. We are:

Safe and experienced

Visit with a local. We employ trusted guides who are active in community service.

Kibera specialists

We specialize in Kibera tours and external operators with the knowledge of the community.


We know what’s appropriate. We live and work in Kibera and will provide guidance around photos, donations, etc.

We are a responsible tour operator for open-minded travelers and benefit Kibera by employing knowledgeable local staff, supporting development projects, and bringing a stream of demand to local artisans. We also work with notable hotels, agencies, film production crews, media, and university researchers to provide best-in-class experiences

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Discounted Kibera Walking Group Tour (6+)

Overview   This tour runs every day between 9am-2pm and

Kibera Walking Tour

Overview   This tour runs every day between 9am-2pm and

Kibera Custom Tour

Overview We are also able to advise on custom tours